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Congregational Chapel in Tubwell Lane by Malcolm Payne published June 1995
original publication by West Crowborough Society

This is Jarvis Brook Football Team of 1905-06, and a staunch group of fellows they look. The man with the beard on the extreme left is reputed to be Mr.Thomas William Masterman who in 1864 built a Congregational Chapel in Tubwell Lane, Jarvis Brook. He bought the site complete with old barn in which he held early services. Gradually enough money was gathered to build a proper chapel, and the ground was consecrated. It is not known when this chapel came out of use, it is reckoned by local folk to be in the early 1920's.

Mr.Masterman was a very active person, running Sunday schools for the children of the area; he also ran a week-night club at which he taught the game of football. It is said he taught the pupils of the Sir Henry Fermor school to play football, and some other schools in the area. He could have been the founding father of the Jarvis Brook team, although it is not even certain it is really him in the photo. I am sure we will hear from people who recognise those who were in the team, and how they won that wonderful looking cup that sits proudly in front on the stool.

Nothing of Masterman's chapel now remains, a few graves rest in the quiet area which stands on the edge of a local footpath into Tubwell Lane, from Western Road. Some kind soul cuts the grass a few times a year to keep it tidy, and one of the graves has a wrought-iron fence made by the late Mr. Fenner when he was blacksmith at Jarvis Brook.