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Crowborough Fair by G.D. Martineau published 1927
original publication by West Crowborough Society
We're early at work on the farm today;
They're drivin' old Cherry and Pink away
To old Mus' Harris, the auctioneer;
The maaster's got a few debts to cleeurr,
Though it's like enough thur'll be naught to spare
By Saturday after Crowborough Fair!
There's lovely music an' cokernut shies,
An' wunnerful horses'z wins a prize,
An' money to throw fur wud wooden rings,
An' turrible rides on the flyin' swings,
An' Jim uz bin buyin' a tie to wear
On Saturday morn at Crowborough Fair!
There's Wickenden's cart wud uz ribbons blue,
An' Burrell o' Rotherfield movin' too,
An' Heffle an' Chailey an' Horsted folks,
An' furriners over from Sevenoaks,
An' Rose uz bin curlin' her silly hair,
Fur Ben's gone over to Crowborough Fair!